Planet Fitness Review

Bee Fit is located next to several Planet Fitnesses in Forest Park, Ohio. Lots of people complain at Planet Fitness because it is overly crowded, you can’t do deadlifts or┬ámore advanced work outs. Members who quit Planet Fitness fitness are moving over to Bee Fit Health Club for it’s freedom of working out anyway you want.


Why Bee Fit Health Club is better than Planet Fitness

  • Not overly crowded
  • You can deadlift
  • We have more and heavier free weights

Bee Fit has no Lunk Alarm like Planet Fitness

Dozens of people get kicked out every year because they grunt when lifting heavy weight. We think it’s ok to grunt when lifting hundreds of pounds. It’s natural. Bee Fit isn’t a club full of barbarians but we like to let you know you have the freedom to do any workout how you want it.